What makes a Bluebird special?

In American countries, bluebirds are considered special bird species, maybe because the type of bird that has been mentioned possesses warm personality. But what’s the main reason why pet lovers and ordinary individuals in American countries are always protecting and helping these bird species to survive? Well, the answer to that question is so simple. The answer is the fact that these birds can sing with a beautiful melody. Americans consider bluebirds as symbols of cheer and true happiness because these bird species can sing softly and entertain people in outdoor places especially during spring and summer season. In fact, some music artists in the history of the music industry have successfully created their masterpieces with the help of the wonderful characteristics of these bird species. Say for example was the song entitled “Bluebird of Happiness” which has been written and sung by a remarkable American songwriter named Jan Peerce. Bluebirds can provide true happiness in the daily living of all people in various ways. These birds can also protect plants more effectively from insects. As a result, bluebirds have successfully gained the trust and attention of gardeners who love to take care of wonderful ornamentals and trees. All these things make a bluebird special for everyone.

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Factors that are affecting the Survivability Rate of Bluebirds

Bluebirds are already available in the different parts of the America in the whole duration of 18th century. The current generation of humans is still lucky because these birds are still available in the continent and in the other parts of the globe until now. Bluebirds are not aggressive compared to the other types of bird species that are available in the wilderness nowadays. These birds are not only admirable and advantageous for all people because of its amazing ability to catch and eliminate insects, but also because it can help people in preserving the environment by eliminating those things and tiny creatures that can destroy the environment and plants.

Bluebirds have low survivability rate in the different parts of the globe at the present time for so many reasons. First, the tough competitors of bluebirds in its favorite nesting sites are eliminating the newly hatched eggs and its weak companions from time to time. Some examples of bird species that are against the existence of bluebirds are house sparrows and American crows. These bird species prefer to crush the eggs of bird species that are not included in their family.

Male bluebirds prefer to look for prospective female mates during summer and spring season wherein the weather condition is always calm and refreshing. Lucky are those bluebirds that will build nests and incubate eggs in areas where house sparrows and American crows are not available. Another factor that affects the rate of survivability of bluebirds in the different parts of the world nowadays is the existence of raccoons, cats and snakes. Such wild animals prefer to catch and eat bluebirds as their prey. All these things look natural for some people. However, studies have proven that these factors are included in the list of the main reasons why the total number of bluebirds in the different parts of the world has declined by almost 70% from 1970 up to the present.

Bluebirds are Human-friendly

There’s no reason for all people to be afraid of bluebirds. These small creatures usually possess warm personality and each of its can be considered a pet to those who know how to take care of birds properly. Several Americans prefer to choose this type of bird in pet shops instead of parrots and other common types of bird species that can be speak and pronounce simple words by imitating their masters. Those who want to raise more bluebirds on their houses should never hesitate to buy or collect a pair of male and a female bluebird.

It’s so easy to determine the gender of a bluebird instantly. A short inspection of the color of its feathers can already help an individual to see if a bluebird is a female or a male bird. Experts claimed that a male bluebird usually possesses a brighter color than a female bluebird. The best way to attract bluebirds is to construct a wonderful garden. These birds love to stay in areas where their prey is always available and hiding. Anyway, what’s the favorite prey of bluebirds? The answer is an insect. Bluebirds are considered insectivorous birds and at the same time, a type of omnivorous bird. These bird species eat insects and leaves to survive. Therefore, those who love to create gardens will be able to see bluebirds more often especially during winter season. Many people will also appreciate the fact that these birds can also eliminate all insects that are destroying their favorite plants and ornamentals on their gardens.

A Brief Description of a Bluebird

A bluebird refers to a medium-sized bird that belongs to the thrush family of birds which is also known as Turdidae. It comes with a beautiful and smooth feather that’s coated with a perfect shade of light blue. This type of birds usually possesses a black-colored bill that it can use to catch its preys faster. It can fly and glide in the sky faster than the other famous bird species because of its body size. Many people will surely like the fact that its whole body has not been coated with a light blue color. Some feathers in it chest are color brown while the rest of all feathers that can be found within its legs and under its tail are color white.

It’s so cute and it can be trained by those who really want to consider it a pet. This type of bird is already included in the list of endangered species in this world because of the limited number of its species in the different parts of the globe is very limited. Most of the units of bluebirds can be found in American countries and places where four types of weather conditions are available every year. Bluebirds are strong for these bird species can survive and fly up in the sky during winter season even if the level of temperature is very low. It’s so easy to distinguish a male bluebird from a female bluebird.